Angel's Destiny: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations by April Martin Chartrand

‘ANGEL'S DESTINY: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations’ by April Martin Chartrand

‘ANGEL'S DESTINY: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations’ by writer/artist April Martin Chartrand

Similar to novel style chapters, each advances you from one stage of life’s emotions to another. This collection of poems & illustrations mimics a novel in an unexpected way – similarly, it tells an emotional plot of a character which interweaves the four emotion elements Illusions, Anger, Awareness, Love - progressing forward towards a healing resolve. Each emotional character takes the reader through a progressive journey of a multi-cultural woman’s self-discovery . . . far away from adversity.

Trade paperback, 5.5” x 8.5”, 152 pages/48 illustrations ISBN 978-0-615-30251-5 | $13- USA.
Library of Congress number 2009914167
Copyright Registration #TXu 1-652-473

Friday, November 2, 2018

RESS RELEASE October 13–November 9, 2018 –
April Martin Chartrand, M.S., Researcher, Fiberalchemist, Curator, & Author
~April Martin Chartrand, M.S. is an exhibiting Altar Designer in the "Honoring Our Ancestors by Fighting for the Future: Día de los Muertos 2018", an annual exhibition with over seventy locally and nationally recognized professional artists.

Exhibit Run:  October 13–November 9, 2018  (Free admission during gallery hours)
For gallery hours:  Tues-Sun…

*Closing Reception: Friday, November 9, 2018, 6pm–9pm   
Closing Reception Cost:  $7–$10
Tickets: (for the closing
Where:  SOMArts, 934 Brannan St. between 8th/9th Streets), San Francisco,

APRIL MARTIN CHARTRAND, M.S., Researcher, Fiberalchemist, Curator, & 
Heritage: Honoring Our Ancestors Ameri-KKKa’s Love ofLynching (2018)

     APRIL MARTIN CHARTRAND, M.S. is a social justice pedagogical researcher who obtained her graduate degree from San Francisco State University (2017 - Department of Counseling) and graduated with scholastic distinctions as a
vetted member of the ‘Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society’ (2017-2014), and diagnosed with Breast Cancer 8-months after her June 2017 graduation date. Unfortunately, Chartrand is experiencing acute post-surgical Necrosis infection.  Finally, in 1996, Chartrand began building heart-shaped rock/earth altars in Zenia, CA.  Finally, upon
completion of the heritage ceremonies, Chartrand was renamed by her Native Elder. Chartrand’s spirit elder name is 'Spirit Heart.'

        In 2013, Chartrand curated ‘A World of Women of Color’ assemblage exhibition with designs by Eddie Valentine, at the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL).  The SFPL exhibition featured eighteen of Mr. Valentine’s
all so “Brown Betty” and ah-so-Naughty Black Divas’ assemblage totems. Additionally, Chartrand is a national award-winning textile artist, and is the author & illustrator of ‘Angel’s Destiny: A Novel Story of Poems &
Illustrations’ (2009).

       Current writer/editor Michael Leaverton, at Lumina Media and former
art critic writer/editor for the SF Weekly, raves about Chartrand’s “Treasured Cigar Box series”…”Chartrand kicks the cigar-box genre up a few notches, linking tobacco, a major export of the New World, to the colonial slave trade and the global trading companies that profited by exploiting African slaves! Her boxes come across as totems from another time, ritual containers filled with all manner of evocative materials (keys, coins, and currencies from various countries, miniature skeletons, jewelry, beads, precious stones) arranged into haunting, mysterious tableaus -- not unlike something you might see in the Museum of Jurassic Technology, to be honest.”   SF Weekly, Michael Leaverton, 6/27/2012, San Francisco, CA. 

*Closing Reception Free-bie!   During the closing reception, Chartrand will give away parts of her altar to the attendees, starting at 8:30pm.  PRESS, please review Chartrand prior to November 9th, 2018.  Please attend the Closing Reception as well, Press. Thank you.
Chartrand’s Private & Corporation Collections (Short list)
  1. Dr. Gaetano Zanelli, M.D., CEO/Owner of Z Skin Center for Aesthetic & Medical Dermatology, San Francisco, CA
  2. Miria Toveg, MS, LAc, owner of the Lotus Center, San Francisco, CA
  3. Myers Stevens Inc., San Francisco, CA
  4. Second Baptist Church, Santa Barbara, CA
  5. Synopsys Corporation, Mountain View, CA
  6. Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Atlanta, GA (1st-Place Textile Division  – National Competition)

Academic:  Chartrand is an Alumnus of:
2018  (Certificate of Completion:
           California Institute of Integral Studies-Black Psychology as a
           Professional as a Gateway Project, San Francisco, CA  
2017  M.S.  (Counseling) San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA  
           3.91 GPA (Vetted member of:  Chi Sigma Iota International….2017-2014
2016  A.S.  (Behavioral Sciences) City College of San Francisco, CA  3.55 GPA
1982  B.A.  (Inter-disciplinary Arts) San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA  3.55 GPA
1980  A.A.  (General Studies) City College of Santa Barbara, CA  3.25 GPA
1976  A.A.  (Merchandising) Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles, CA  3.0 GPA


Closing Reception Nov. 9th, 2018 FRI 6pm-9pm  Tix $7-$10
Free give a ways at 8:30 at Chartrands Altar
Located next to the Main Stage and Art Room (in the back).

April Martin Chartrand, M.S.
Closing Reception 11/9/2018 Fri, 6pm-9pm  $7-$10 tickets
8:30pm Chartrand will give parts of her altar away for Free
Food Trucks, Music, Performance....